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{DNA: Micro}

Turning your vision into reality > 15 years
[Mobile, Web, Desktop, Platform, IoT, DevOps]

Our Story

DNA Micro, Inc. is a technology services company focused on bringing our clients vision into reality. We are celebrating our 15th year in business and collectively bring expertise for all industry segments.
Our company culture sets our direction and provides us guidance.  At our core, we are a company with deep compassion.  We are a philanthropic based organization that gives back to our global communities through corporate contribution to children's charities and personal volunteer engagement.   
For many years we have supported various institutions and orphanages --- bringing smiles to the faces of children and helping them have a brighter future.
We are strong believers of education and continuously hold educational seminars through our meetup
We are proud of our heritage.  Our multicultural and diverse team of men and women is comprised of creative individuals who share an entrepreneurial and compassionate spirit.  DNA Micro is a place to learn, create and prosper.  We empower our employees to make sound on-the-spot decisions.   Our culture promotes expression of ideas. 

 And finally, we keep it light.  Listen, Learn and Laugh!

What Sets Us Apart

Our unique approach sets us apart from the competition.  With all of our professional services we offer the creativity and meticulousness of a product manager coupled with the precision of an engineer. 

Experience has taught us a thing or two about developing software and that is perhaps our best asset. We have developed technology solutions for many organizations, large and small, and understand success is in the details.

Our involvement in the community and working closely with many start-ups allows us to stay on top of the latest technology. We use a balance of the newest technology and time tested systems to ensure we deliver the best solution.

We also understand that not everything can be solved with technology and therefore our solutions often involve changes in process. We consider ourselves solution providers and we go out of our way to help you achieve your goals in the most proper manner possible.


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