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{DNA: Micro}

Turning your vision into reality > 15 years
[Mobile, Web, Desktop, Platform, IoT, DevOps]

DNA Micro has solved many problems over its fifteen year history.  Here's a sample of the type of projects we successfully completed throughout our years in business:


Credit Card -- we assisted a global credit card company in developing the platform for their prepaid credit card campaign that included: sign up; account creation; credit check; statement; pin authorization; and more.

Mortgage Services -- we supported a national mortgage company by creating an automated loan processing platform which contained: the initial buyer(s) application; preliminary, preliminary credit check; title assessment; available lenders; processing of buyer paperwork; final approval; and funding the loan.

Stock Trading -- we aided a small investment firm by establishing trading formulas to growth and manage portfolios.


Assembly Line -- using robotics and other automation tools, we replaced human-driven assembly lines.


CTI, IVR, Systems Integration -- We have extensive experience in most aspect of telecommunications.  We've developed Computer Telephone Interface  (screen pop, call routing, outbound auto dialers) and Interactive Voice Response solutions for contact centers.  Further, we've worked as a Systems Integrators consolidating services and technologies for companies of all sizes.

Health Care Insurance

Mobile App -- we created a mobile app for a national healthcare insurance carrier that enabled patients to access their information.

Real Estate

We crafted solutions for a real estate company which instantly created custom portfolios of available properties for clients using  Multiple List Service (MLS).

Car Rental

We built an end to end platform for a car rental company that facilitated the business model from reservations to inventory management.


DevOps -- we helped organize a DevOps plan for a large technology company which improved deployment and time to market for their solutions.


We built a smartphone finance, protection and trade in program for a national independent wireless dealer.

Home Inspection

We automated a cumbersome home/building inspection company taking manual processes and reporting procedures from two day events to  less than a day from beginning to end.


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