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{DNA: Micro}

Turning your vision into reality > 15 years
[Mobile, Web, Desktop, Platform, IoT, DevOps]

DNA Micro Inc., A Technology Services Company

Helping You Achieve Innovation

We recognize that there are many technology solution suppliers in the marketplace. While roughly 25% of projects are deemed successful, thousands of projects never come to fruition.  It’s not hard to uncover the reasons for failure.  But few have documented a road map to success.   We have.

Our Approach

DNA Micro, through our fifteen years of successful business operations and by following the agile manifesto, has accomplished many successful projects for customers across all industries.   Our deep experience has shown us that in order to craft  true differentiation for your organization – we think, listen, plan and gain consensus first; then we code.

The THINKING and LISTENING phases of the project starts with a high level team consisting a product manager, account manager and engineer.   Why is this team so effective?

 First of all, product managers operate from a place of know-how.   They look at projects with a keen eye.  They glean knowledge about your project that will become a product/solution.  They learn your story, expectations and timelines.  They define the WHAT of the project.

In partnership with our high level product manager is a seasoned engineer.  They provide the HOW of a project.  How will it work, the tools will it take,  how long will it take, what human capital  it will take, possible obstacles, etc.   

And finally, the account manager is responsible for the relationship from the moment of engagement throughout your lifetime as a customer.  They define the EXPERIENCE.

Collectively, our team works on developing an innovative solution and setting realistic expectations that meets and/or exceeds all of your requirements. This includes:

  • Defining the problem through collaboration with stakeholders, users and customers
  • Developing the scope of the project, timelines, including resources from both teams
  • Recognizing the impact to the organization
  • Evaluating the viability, usability and feasibility of the solution

Information will be put into an Opportunities Assessment Document which includes workflow, collaboration, operational, etc. processes.  Upon review with your team and executive sponsors, we then will create a proposal with project scope, deliverables, development time, testing, pricing and terms and conditions.  Also included will be maintenance costs for ongoing support of your solution.

Any consulting costs that have incurred during the discovery process will be credited to your account.

When we have sealed the deal, our project manager and team of assigned engineering begin the endeavor of implementing your solution.  The entire team will have a kick off meeting with you to introduce the player and clarify any questions and verifies key dates and deliverable schedules.

Our engineering team then begins the development process which includes:

  • Design
    • Creation of wireframes
    • Produce proof of concept
    • Generate process maps and charts
    • Build a timeline
    • Establish testing guidelines
  • Development
    • Write the code
  • Test
    • Test product in text environments
    • Fix bugs and defects
    • Re-test and validates fixes
  • Implementation
    • Work with client to identify testing guidelines and alpha/beta sites
    • Test the products
    • Fix issues
    • Evaluate infrastructure / create recommendations
    • Deploy
  • Maintenance
    • Manage solution
      • Error corrections
      • Modifications, as required
      • Enhancements
      • Optimization
      • Ongoing evaluation
    • Handle change requests with Account Manager and customer





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