Who We Are

DNA Micro, Inc. is a technology services company that has been providing best-in-class technology projects for 24 years. What sets us apart is our collaborative and tailored approach to assisting clientele in crafting cost-effective technological solutions from inception to delivery and support. We rely on the right tools for the job, not a one-size-fits-all tech stack. We empower our employees to make sound, on-the-spot decisions and freely express worthwhile ideas in order to build value into every project.

Our company is a place to learn, create and prosper. We know it takes top-notch people to produce industry-leading work, which is why our team of designers, developers, project managers, writers and artists are always looking to improve through powerful research and development as well as continuous internal education. We treat teamwork as an art form and aim to create a thriving partner ecosystem. All our clients become a part of our team and we take on the challenges and celebrate the victories together.

DNA Micro is not merely fueled by profit. For years, our strong sense of social responsibility has become our impetus to give back to the community not only through monetary assistance, but also through volunteerism. We are truly proud of our heritage and while we are serious about the work we do, we still like to keep things light. We listen, learn and laugh!

DNA Micro — turning visions into reality with smart design and the right technology. Build with us.


Bring every client’s vision into reality through 24 years’ worth of experience and success in providing cost-effective tech services and solutions to all industry segments.


Become the global leader in delivering innovative technology services and solutions to the most meticulous clients.

Our Core Values

We go by the values of the Agile Manifesto to provide world-class, innovative solutions that accommodate client needs from beginning to end.

Customer Commitment and Satisfaction

We prioritize early and continuous delivery of valuable software, listen to client requests and expectations, and welcome changes in project requirements, even late in development, for the customers’ competitive advantage.

More Heads Are Better Than One

We promote sustainable and continuous development processes through good teamwork and effective time management.

We Value Time

We deliver working software frequently and in a timely manner, with a preference to shorter timescales.

Communication is Key

We understand that our success is the by-product of good communication between DNA Micro and its clients as well as effective collaboration among all employees.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We believe in a simple yet streamlined application development process that is within a reasonable budget.

We Motivate to Grow

We see the value of each employee and provide constructive feedback and guidance to develop their skills further.