We specialize in

Artificial Intelligence. E-Commerce. Web. Mobile. Desktop. Internet of Things

Web Application Development

We create projects and web designs that effectively convey the client’s brand to their customers. Our company stays true to an enterprise’s identity via a very solid platform and streamlined process.

Mobile Application Development

We provide cross-platform mobile apps anywhere in the world. Our ingenious team knows the ins and outs of developing apps for Android, iOS and Windows.

Product Development

Our target is to get your product into the market faster than others while we make sure that the quality is never compromised with our innovative technology and cutting-edge releases.

We are the experts in tech

We serve small- and medium-sized enterprises in Southern California.


We help monitor network operations and troubleshoot any problems that arise. We also manage product deployments, making sure that everything runs smoothly.

Computing Platforms

We take care of various computing platform concerns to accommodate all application needs so clients can focus on growing their businesses.

Bespoke Software Development Consultation

We tailor software to all client requirements and ensure the deployment of bug-free applications.

Systems Integration

We don’t replace what isn’t broken and we make sure to develop processes that supplement pre-existing ones, creating more streamlined systems in the end.

Voice Application Development

We are able to address call center needs by either developing custom systems or integrating supplementary processes to create a more cost-efficient structure.

Infrastructure Design and Implementation

We know how specific and sophisticated client processes can be, which is why we craft system infrastructures and components to address every need and maximize on opportunities to make a profit.

Our Platform

We build highly scalable yet intuitive software.

Monitor showing an application template and software platform that connects all services.


The use of a template to create an application is common practice these days, but almost all fall short of being a fully functioning application. On day one, the DNA template comes as a fully functioning application, often saving our customers 30% on development time.


Our API platform allows your software to connect across all services through a standard layer, thereby enabling fluid integration and democratization of data.


Our Microservices platform allows your application to grow without bloating your system and making maintenance difficult.


Our Caching platform, by utilizing several years of research and optimization, ensures that your users will have access to whatever information they need faster than they can process it.


Our Socket platform makes use of an efficient event listener to transport and communicate data from the user to the database and vice versa in real-time, providing your clients with a live data feed and eliminating the need to constantly refresh their browsers.

We’re great at the following technologies

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