We build highly scalable yet intuitive software.

An image showing codes as well as a tablet and a smartphone displaying statistic dashboards.

Prompted by the developments in modern technology, there have been significant changes in the way businesses operate and succeed. In the last couple of years, consumers are choosing to conveniently purchase goods off the Internet. The necessity to adapt to these paradigm shifts is incited by the need to make one’s enterprise stand out and sell more products. This drove businesses to establish an online presence like never before and gave E-commerce the momentum it needed to be the goliath it is today.

Recently, however, getting your business out there by merely launching a website is no longer enough. Almost every business these days has a highly functional and engaging website that is able to efficiently cater to multiple user transactions. A business needs to be able to handle the demands of E-commerce as they take place in today’s setting in order to maximize profits and thrive for years to come. Still, enabling an E-commerce platform can prove to be a difficult and tricky process, which is why you need a software development company that can provide you with a solution that accommodates your business’ needs at every stage of its growth — from launch to expansion.

Here at DNA Micro, we have spent 24 years building highly scalable yet intuitive software.

Our customizable platform combines some of the best technologies into a cohesive system that can get you started quickly, saving you up to 30% upon start up on average, and support your growing business automatically.

The DNA platform is comprised of our intuitive portal, a standard data layer, a predictive caching service and a real-time communication platform for a true live data exchange. In addition, all services have been optimized to scale infinitely and on demand.

So, what do all of these mean? These mean that your site will never go down or have less-than-optimal performance and will always evolve with the ever-changing web technologies through our dependable maintenance program. Our platform is made up of different parts that work simultaneously with each other, namely the Portal, API, Microservices, Caching and Socket components.

Our customizable platform combines some of the best technologies into a cohesive system.


The use of a Template to create an application is common practice these days, but almost all fall short of being a fully functioning application. On day one, the DNA Template creates fully functioning applications, often saving our customers 30% on development time.


In today’s world, software cannot operate as a stand-alone system. It needs to collaborate with other systems to take advantage of what they bring to the table. This can only be possible if a standard-based middle layer can coordinate with all of these communications seamlessly. DNA’s API platform allows your software to connect across all services through a standard layer, thereby enabling fluid integration and democratization of data.


To say that building software is a one-time development process is flawed. In order for your application to achieve success and longevity, a software development company must possess the ability to expand on your core services considerably. This is where microservices come into play. DNA’s Microservices platform allows your application to grow without bloating your system and making maintenance difficult.


The most important criterion in an application is speed. DNA’s Caching platform, by utilizing several years of research and optimization, ensures that your users will have access to whatever information they need faster than they can process it.


We understand the importance of an efficient event listener to transport and communicate data from the user to the database and vice versa in real-time. DNA’s Socket platform makes use of the same technology utilized by Google Docs in order to provide your clients with a live data feed, eliminating the need to constantly refresh their browsers.

Here at DNA Micro, we understand that while all these aspects improve how your business will fare in the world of E-commerce, they would still prove inadequate if you can’t support how today’s users view your online presence. More than 50% of all website visitors use a mobile device, such as an iPhone or Android. Our platform, through many years of optimization, has become 100% compatible with mobile devices.

What you need is a company that is able to not only rapidly build a bug-free, robust, scalable and maintainable application, but also consistently provide you with a well-established project management and maintenance process. Our 24 years of experience has equipped us with the precise knowledge and tools to address every aspect of a project and exceed client expectations.

We don’t just build cool things for you and then leave you hanging — we help you all the way.