Our client

LJP Construction Services

LJP Construction Services is a team of real estate experts offering development, construction, project management, and forensics investigation-related consulting services. Since 1993, they have assisted nearly 2,000 different clients on over 100,000 homes throughout the United States, providing the most comprehensive package of peer review services in the industry. This drive toward consistent innovation and responsive, client-focused solutions puts them at the forefront of the construction quality movement to date.


LJP wanted to improve consultant productivity and customer satisfaction through more proficient mobile and desktop applications in terms of:

  • Addressing inefficient scheduling processes and minimizing missed appointments to ensure consultants maximize on their time while doing fieldwork
  • Minimizing lengthy field visits due to outdated, paper-based documentation methods
  • Eradicating redundant and lengthy report generation cases using simplified report generation tool
  • Addressing incomplete task lists using real-time job updates even while on the field to avoid unnecessary delays
  • Eliminating inconsistent photo quality, erroneous photo categorization, and lengthy photo upload times for faster project progress
  • Eliminating late report deliveries due to lack of efficient admin monitoring and updating software
  • Eliminating incorrect report dissemination cases due to repetitive and tedious manual processes


  • An automated consultant scheduling tool with appointment reminder feature to ensure projects and meetings run smoothly and on time
  • A photo documentation tool for faster, more efficient field visits and more accurate record-keeping
  • A user-friendly, one-click report generation tool to eradicate repetitive and lengthy report generation processes
  • A centralized client, project, and job setup process with real-time task updates to keep consultants up to speed with new and urgent tasks
  • An automated photo and data upload tool that enables more accurate and faster photo and data inputting
  • A work auditing tool that addresses delays in report deliveries with efficient admin monitoring and updating process
  • An automated report distribution feature that eliminates errors in report distribution due to outdated and redundant processes
  • A robust and comprehensive reporting tool that provides insights into various performance metrics and industry trends


  • Online scheduling software provided efficient and affordable solution that reduced schedule mix-ups and missed appointments as well as improved consultant efficiency
  • Photo documentation feature reduced field visit times significantly and facilitated higher quality documentation, accurate statistical data, and better work visibility
  • Simplified report generation tool significantly reduced reporting errors and completely eliminated tedious manual report generation
  • Centralized setup process enabled complete and accurate aggregated data insights, leading to efficiency and additional revenue
  • Automated photo and relevant data upload tool reduced categorization and data errors and cut upload times significantly
  • Work auditing application enabled real-time consultant activity and work progress tracking and updating
  • Automated report distribution feature considerably reduced workload and recipient errors

DNA Micro built applications that work seamlessly together to address all Business side and Staff side issues simultaneously, leading to smoother business and project transactions.

Administrative Portal (Business side)

Using our very own innovative platform, we were able to build a highly optimized portal that permits LJP’s administrators to keep project processes flowing smoothly and on time through:

  • Regular tracking of individual project progress
  • Accurate dissemination of reports
  • Real-time updating of field tasks
  • Detailed assignment of job orders and visits

Reporting Portal (Business side)

This tool is key in providing accurate graphical representation of the all the data collected from clients and site visits.

  • Enabled clearer, more visual representation of technical data for easier comprehension
  • Empowered individuals to make faster, wiser decisions during urgent times
  • Detected project issues before they got worse

Consultant iOS App (Staff side)

Consultants, while doing fieldwork, needed a user-friendly mobile app that is able to address inefficiencies in LJP’s current project processes. We built an iOS application that is able to eliminate the following:

  • Lengthy project timelines, from several days to an hour
  • Inefficient project scheduling
  • Missed appointments
  • Inaccurate photo and data documentation
  • Outdated project task lists
  • Lengthy site visits
  • Prolonged photo and document upload times
  • Inaccurate report creation and distribution
  • Late report deliveries